Principles of My Campaign Conduct and Governance:

My campaign will be committed to the principles of honesty, fairness and responsibility, transparency, respect and compassion for my opponent.

  • I will remain true and anchored in my faith in God , and I will stand on the highest principles of my faith to execute an effective campaign;

  • I will with transparency, emphasize my views, beliefs, and experiences demonstrate my commitment and dedication towards furthering the highest academic achievement for all LCPS students;

  • I will with integrity and high moral standards make decisions and take actions that justly represent my family, my Loudoun County community, and those who entrust me with their confidence and trust;

  • I will not use, design, craft, or permit use of any campaign materials which falsely represents, mischaracterizes, or defames my opponent’s public service record to the constituents of our Loudoun County communities writ large;

  • I will present clear and unequivocal facts that empower and equip my Community to make informed and factual decisions that propel our Community to achieve the highest of academic excellence;

  • I will not misappropriate or misuse any contributions (funds) made in support of this campaign or any governing efforts contrary to the purpose for which these contributions were intended; and

  • I will ensure that my campaign committee and staff observe this code of conduct of fair campaign practices and my ethical principles.