•  Monitor school’s implementation of improvement plans for greater opportunity for all student subgroups to be stretched, & feel confident towards achieving their academic successes;
  • Foster a culture to ensure our LCPS staff remain accountable to develop well-balanced students and have graduates achieve their fullest academic potential for college or career; 
  • Work to institutionalize trust across the county that District and Staff members act with accountability to keep student learning the priority and to ensure our students are able to compete at all levels; and
  • Partner with, assess, and adjust school system readiness through policies to raise student achievement for all student sub groups and share student improvement best practices across the District.



  •  Empower and educate students and parents with District resources to make smart choices to strengthen student’s public education curriculum and instruction; 
  • Overhaul philosophy and champion policies to involve students and parents in important conversations that impact learning;
  • Advocate for career or college ready successes upon graduation (i.e... expand ROTC beyond 1 County HS,&  dual enrollment at each HS including Douglass High; and
  • Spokesperson for differentiated instruction and efforts to shift beyond nontraditional educational practices.




  • Review and rewrite Policies where necessary to promote professional and educational growth and opportunities for all teachers and staff; 
  • Collaborate with District office to promote annual mandatory diversity and implicit bias training to promote inclusiveness for all LCPS personnel and School Board; and
  • Leverage industry and business partnership relationships to bolster opportunities for teacher and staff learning to remain relevant and proficient in their career field through professional development training.



  •  Engage community and promote school safety through modernizing policies and procedures; 
  •  Overhaul Policies and Agreements with local county and Town government offices to ensure the safety and security of our students remains the priority.  and
  • Advocate for Industry Crisis Management System and Office, in partnership with local emergency management offices, to improve and provide timely school communications.