November 5, 2019



Who is Kenya Savage?

Even before I was asked to be a candidate in 2015, my leadership, my thoughts, my ability to work collaboratively within our Schools and local Government teams towards common goals for our schools, teachers, students and families have always been sought out in key decisions to make our District world class. I have facilitated Beginning Teacher Institutes for our new teachers, Chaired School Board Sub Committee (Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee), served as a Parent Delegate for Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC), invited to contribute to Focus Groups for our Schools, PTSA member, Athletic Booster Club Board Member, and most importantly, I am a mother.  I am in the trenches like many others working to get results that all our students, teachers, and our schools deserve.

I am a Christian, a wife, a daughter, sister, niece, cousin, Sunday School teacher, and friend. Together with my husband, we have lived in Loudoun County since 2005 and we have 3 sons.   

When elected, I will continue to fight for our shared values:

  • To assess and adjust our schools’ readiness through research based policies to raise student achievement and opportunities at every school level;
  • To empower and educate students and parents of District resources to make smart choices to strengthen student learning;
  • To leverage industry relationships to promote professional development and educational opportunities for our teachers and students through use of our dual enrollment Institution partners, ultimately conserving cost and being better stewards of time and resources; and
  • To prioritize and modernize policies and agreements to ensure safety and security of our students and our schools by working with local government and local town police department and sheriff’s office.


Why Now?

 I am running for the At-Large Representative seat because the opportunities for all our students are not being equitably addressed. Motions are made without regard for what is best for every students, our teachers, and our District. I believe members of our School Board are elected by the people and are expected to serve and govern in the best interest of every student, uncompromised by political party or personal interest groups.   Our students, our teachers, and our community deserve a Representative who represents them without regard to political party and who works to make Loudoun the best District in the Nation. That is a reason why I chose not to seek a political party endorsement. I am YOUR candidate!! 

Enabling, encouraging, edifying, empowering & equipping our students to be the best Loudoun Graduate & meet with excellence any college , military service, or career endeavor. All while establishing accountability to ensure our teachers remain appreciated, postured, valued, and compensated equitably to continue being the difference maker to our future leaders. 


Why Me?

Because I get it!    

I am doing the work now, I am in the trenches now, advocating for every child now! I don’t want to speak for you; I want to speak with you.  

I believe in the power of our students, our teachers, our parents and our faculty. I believe in diversity of thought and, as a I said in 2015, I believe in being at the table instead of on the menu. There’s room for all of us. There’s room for all of our voices. It does us no good being at the table and not producing the results needed for our District, a well-balanced menu selection!  I  look forward to continuing in these efforts as the Loudoun County School Board’s At-Large Representative!! 

  Let's Win Together!  #SavageACTS

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